• Lois Keller

Los Angeles Parker Center

Plein Air painting not only is painting in the open air, but painting in time. We paint not only in the moment, but the moment. That's why The Roofless Painters went out to paint the Parker Center the day of it's condemnation. While we stood there viewing our subject, time and space converged into exactly what we were painting, history. The Parker Center has such a history, architecturally, geographically, and socially. We met people who had worked there, we met people with opinions and stories. We didn't realize our subject was just a loaded....well, subject! Please read Julio Panisello's blog about "Demolishing Parker." I'd love to hear your opinion on the subject. Do you think the Parker Center should be torn down, or does it demand a place in history?

Oil on Canvas, 14" x 11" $150
"Fenced Parker"

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