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LACMA family programs

I loved going to the Art Institie of Chicago when I was a teenager. They offered early college programs and every Saturday my parents would let me take the train downtown and I'd be immersed in a world outside of my "boring" suburb, surrounded by people and art. I believe it gave me great confidence as an artist.

I'm having a great time remembering those days with my own kid now, LA style. We take Laurel Canyon over and hang out and paint at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We eat at the food trucks after class and also debate about whether we like the new giant aluminum Jeff Koons sculpture "Baloon Monkey" or not. what do you guys think? We highly recommend it, check it out here. LACMA family classes.

we painted these after hanging out in the Impressionists gallery and based it off of Paul Gauguin's 1886 painting The Field of Derout-Lollichon.

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