• Lois Keller

Friends of Rockhaven

Did you know that parts of Los Angeles was once a haven for health and spas? The fresh mountain air was once reviled as a sanctuary for healing. This is not quite the smog infested urban dwelling we think of today. All of these places have been bulldozed except one, Rockhaven Sanitorium for women in Glendale and it too is endanger. The wonderful people, with their fearless leader Joanne has taken it upon themselves to save this space as it is into a public historical space. You can help by donating $ or buying art work here. I'm giving 50% of the proceeds from these little oil paintings, directly to them. Here is a link to the property and history of the people and the place that took women's mental health seriously with compassion, beauty and love. A rare thing back in the day when women's could be sent to an asylum with just the slightest act of malaise. www.friendsofrockhaven.org

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