• Lois Keller

Diá de los Muertos

I created a celestial tea party for my mothers this year at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. I have always loved Mexican Art and the tradition of remembering loved ones on this very special day. The cemetery is filled with love, flowers, incense, food, music and hundreds and hundreds of people.

I have been wanting to do one for my Mom, who died from Alzheimer's. Last year, I was trying to work it out, focusing on memory and loss...and never did it. Thankfully. As another year went by, so did Alzheimer's. It became less and less of her story and only a tiny fraction of her life. So, this year when they announced the theme, Coatllcue the Mother of ALL Gods. I knew exactly what I wanted to create.

Having been adopted as a baby I have two mothers. A birth mother and Peggy, my adopted one. I love them both, and they are both gone from this world now. While they lived on earth they never had the chance to meet each other, even though their world's collided and created mine. So I dedicated my altar to them by inviting Peggy and Patty to a tea party with hopes they would like to come, visit with me, eat their favorite candy and see my beautiful daughters.

I'm so grateful for the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, to offer this space for families to pay homage to those that have come before them, to pause and give thanks and celebration to beautiful lives lost and loved. Here are a few pictures from my altar and the day. I encourage you to go next year, you might end up creating an altar of your own some day.

Visit www.ladyofthedead.com for amazing photos and details about the Day of the Dead.

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