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Lois Keller


During the Writers and Actors Strike I chose to document this historic moment through painting. Standing alongside the strikers with her easel on the lines talking to people marching in front of the guarded gates of Hollywood Studios like Netflix, Paramount, and Disney she had and still is painting the energy she sees and hears. The impact of Lois's work extended beyond the canvas. "Off the Walls Gallery," an IATSE union member gallery that rents art for productions and greatly affected by the strike made prints of Lois's artwork, with 50% of the proceeds going to The Entertainment Community Fund.  The response was overwhelming, with orders from all over the country. One message from a supporter read, "Lois— I was a captain at this gate and am so grateful for your work. I bought this print with my first-ever residual check. Thank you so much for capturing such an important moment in my life. It means the world."       Plein air painting and its resonance with people affected by the Writers Strike capture the essence of a moment in time or 148 days and counting to be exact. Her original oil paintings describe with each brushstroke what it still takes to create art in the digital age. 

If you're interested in learning more about this project, obtaining prints, or exploring this artistic human interest story further, please reach out for additional information at

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